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Public Health

Trouble sleeping? Could be that cup of coffee you drank … six hours ago

Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine researcher studies how diet can affect circadian rhythms and sleep cycles

Where have all the bobwhites gone? Genome project looks for answers

Researchers create new tool to pinpoint reasons for decline in wild population

The Tycoon challenges the Celebrity for admiration of tomato producers

Latest addition to the Texas Superstar list can produce high quality fruit that weighs a pound — or more

Dark matter: New detector enhances search for ‘missing’ 95% of universe

Collisions between improved Ge/SI detectors and dark matter particles release heat and charge that can be detected at temperatures close to absolute zero

Good medicine is about good communication, researcher says

Professor Richard Street focuses on how doctor-patient conversations can lead to better health care

99 cats: Genome project could improve human and animal health

Researchers will gather 99 cats of diverse breeds from a wide variety of geographic locations, take DNA samples and work to sequence their genomes

What’s in your food? Imports bring quality into question, expert says

Almost a quarter of the average American’s food consumption is imported, TIAS Faculty Fellow says

The adjusted GPA: Statistician offers possible cure for grade inflation

Recent national analysis says 43 percent of all letter grades awarded in 2008 were A’s, up from 16 percent in 1960.
Public Health

Phones, smoking, other distractions may affect driving, most studies say

Review of studies aims to close some gaps in research about ‘distracted driving’