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Monarch butterflies need your help to avoid starvation during migrations

Researcher calls for national effort to plant milkweed to feed Monarchs on their long annual journeys

Dark matter: New detector enhances search for ‘missing’ 95% of universe

Collisions between improved Ge/SI detectors and dark matter particles release heat and charge that can be detected at temperatures close to absolute zero
Atmospheric Sciences

An unexpected finding: Aerosols appear to weaken tropical cyclones

Team applies complex computer model to data obtained from Hurricane Katrina

Good medicine is about good communication, researcher says

Professor Richard Street focuses on how doctor-patient conversations can lead to better health care

Nanopore technology may cut test for tuberculosis from days to hours

New screening tool quickly identifies the M. tuberculosis antigen, CFP-10

Non-intervention in civil wars is key to aiding democracy, research shows

Bush School professor is studying civil wars since 1945 with a focus on dynamics within rebel group

99 cats: Genome project could improve human and animal health

Researchers will gather 99 cats of diverse breeds from a wide variety of geographic locations, take DNA samples and work to sequence their genomes

Back to the beach: Developing better ways to warn about rip currents

Geography researchers use survey to test knowledge among beach visitors and to develop better signs for alerting them about dangers

GrazingCalc helps producers to manage livestock and resources

New app for smartphones developed by Texas A&M University and the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service