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Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical Engineering

Off-the-shelf grafts could make vascular surgery more simple

New technology eliminates the need to remove a vessel from the patient.
Biomedical Sciences

Hagler Fellow to study connection between pig reproduction, cancer resistance

Research could lead to new treatments for humans and animals.
Cell Biology and Genetics

Brain tumors in humans and canines share genetic similarities, new study indicates 

Interdisciplinary team publishes its findings in the scientific journal Acta Neuropathologica.
Biomedical Sciences

Research suggests fathers abstain from alcohol use prior to conceiving children

Paternal drinking habits prior to conception can have a negative effect on fetal development
Biomedical Sciences

Impact of arsenic exposure on vaccine efficacy in children

Valuable insights that could pave the way for further research to establish recommended folate intake or serum folate ranges

How does Lyme disease wreak havoc on humans? Interdisciplinary team of Texas A&M scientists looks for answers

Researchers publish findings in the Journal of Immunology
Biomedical Sciences

BET inhibitors could break link between colorectal cancer and COVID-19, new Texas A&M study says

Researchers publish findings in the journal Precision Oncology

NIH awards five-year grant for multidisciplinary A&M team to bring 3D printing of pediatric drugs to hospitals

Researchers include faculty from pharmacy, engineering, arts and sciences, and veterinary medicine and biomedical sciences

Before conception: Father’s use of alcohol can contribute to brain and facial defects in offspring

Researchers publish findings in the Journal of Clinical Investigation