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Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical Sciences

Muscle mystery: Running, walking or moving around can release ‘factors’ that slow growth of breast cancer

A&M researchers publish their results in the journal Frontiers in Physiology
Biomedical Sciences

Alcohol use among men may interfere with success of in vitro fertilization, new Texas A&M study indicates

Team publishes results in the journal Molecular Human Reproduction

Toxic mix: A&M scientists take hybrid approach to analyzing hazardous chemicals with support from EPA

New method could improve decisions made during spills and clean-ups
Biomedical Sciences

Tracking the links between genomics, nutrition and health may improve diagnostics and therapy for cancer and other diseases

NIH provides funding for multidisciplinary effort based in data science
Biomedical Sciences

Father’s drinking can harm health of his unborn children, new A&M study confirms

Researchers publish findings in journal Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology
Biomedical Sciences

New evidence: Bone fractures won’t heal in people with Down syndrome

A&M researchers publish their findings in the journal Bone
Biomedical Sciences

Insects are unlikely to spread coronavirus, new A&M study says

CDC-funded research answers concern about virus transmission
Biomedical Sciences

Green infrastructure: A&M center creates plan for excess stormwater

Unique approach combines three separate landscape performance tools to help Houston community

Professor’s biotech firm focuses on treating drug-resistant infections

Innovation Partners assists Sano Chemicals with patent protection and licensing