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Construction Science


Capturing flood data in real time: Proposed system would use artificial intelligence to analyze uploads of crowdsourced images

New approach would view stop signs as standard units of measurement

Smaller footprints: NSF-funded study looks to trim energy use in buildings

A&M project will will develop innovative, scenario-based models

Building on Mars: New method creates materials from available soils

Texas A&M chemist leads collaborative NASA-funded project for extraterrestrial construction
Biomedical Engineering

President’s Excellence Fund hosts second annual—and first virtual—symposium

Texas A&M faculty members will present research supported by Round Two of the X-Grants and T3 programs
Construction Science

New app BluPix allows users to track height and location of flood waters

Technology turns stop signs into low-tech sensors

Jobsite safety: Virtual reality could train workers to avoid dangers

Team of researchers aims to use VR to establish a behavior-focused, data-driven training model
Construction Science

Analyst’s tweaks to China’s model enhance COVID-19 forecasting

A&M scholar collaborates with statistics expert in Australia
Aerospace Engineering

Virtual reality: Preparing workers for space, deserts or deep oceans

NSF-funded study aims to find a cost-effective approach to training for extreme environments