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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Something in the air: How do HVAC systems and building designs influence the spread of human pathogens?

National Institutes of Health provide funding for Texas A&M study of healthcare facilities

Of pets and pathogens: A&M team contributes to first national-data analysis of COVID-19 infections in companion animals

Nine researchers participate in CDC-led study

Detecting preeclampsia during first trimester: Lab at Texas A&M secures biomarker patent

Complication doubles for expectant mothers with COVID-19, data indicates

Delivered as a nasal spray, newly engineered proteins called DARPins can prevent or treat COVID-19

Lab publishes findings in the journal Nature Chemical Biology
Psychological and Brain Sciences

Long-term effects of COVID-19: Infection may decrease brain volume and alter neural pathways, according to two new studies

Results have serious implications for the third of Americans infected since January 2020

From truck to drone to doorstep: Better way to deliver COVID-19 kits?

Study finds approach could significantly reduce transmission during testing

Third of adults skipped medical care during early pandemic, study says

U.S. residents often based decisions on low finances, poor health or mental health issues

Who is more likely to catch COVID-19: A college student or a non-student?

Two new analyses of research data yield some unexpected answers

Whitetails can catch COVID-19 virus and give it to other deer, study says

At one facility, diagnostic tests identified the virus in more than 90 percent of the captive deer