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Little ants, big city: Insects adapt to urban life by creating super-colonies with multiple queens among sidewalks and landscaping

Entomologists publish findings in the journal Molecular Ecology

Cotton produces odors that attract pests; tweaking the plant’s genes could protect crops and improve yields

USDA and Cotton Board provide financial support for A&M project
Ecology and Conservation Biology

The Lice Age: How did these tiny bloodsucking pests evolve to afflict mammal hosts, including humans?

NSF-funded project could reduce infestations, A&M researchers say
Biomedical Sciences

Insects are unlikely to spread coronavirus, new A&M study says

CDC-funded research answers concern about virus transmission

Modified mosquitos: Entomologists install genes that delete themselves

Method could manage vector-borne diseases while safeguarding nature

Mosquitoes can flourish in winter if conditions are right, new study says

Interdisciplinary team publishes results in Scientific Reports.

Resisting pests: Modern corn gets boost from ancestor’s microbes

Multidisciplinary team aims to create an insect-control method that is also environmentally friendly

Damage control: New strategies for stopping European pepper moths

Invasive species is a threat to the multi-billion-dollar U.S. floriculture and nursery crop industry

‘Billion-dollar pests’: Can scientists design corn that resists devastation?

USDA-funded study will examine how some varieties protect themselves from fall armyworm and western corn rootworm