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Crop scientists are first to grow chickpeas in simulated ‘moondust’

Texas A&M graduate student grows chickpeas in amended moondust

Research seeks insights on honeybee diets for healthier hives

Texas A&M AgriLife scientists examine sustainable beekeeping, agriculture and urban development

End of the bee-mergency? Despite blizzard and drought, populations are poised for recovery, entomologists say

Sufficient rain and mild weather indicate an upturn in late spring or early summer

What works for raising chickens also works for raising ducks, right? Not so, says Texas A&M poultry scientist

Associate professor is filing in the gaps in research on commercial duck production
National Security

Creating food security would reduce emigration, crime and radicalization around the world, new economic report says

Farm Journal Foundation commissions study from Texas A&M’s Program on Conflict and Development

Without adding nitrates: New process could substitute amino acid to cure jerky, bacon and other meats

USDA is funding a Texas A&M-led effort to search for an alternative curing system

One cattle disease causes half of all feedlot deaths; this new diagnostic tool could save beef industry millions

Funded by USDA, the study targets a common pathogen for bovine respiratory disease
Environmental and Occupational Health

Of food and mood: What you eat could affect who you are, study says

Researchers publish findings in journal Nutrients

Faster food: Medical breakthrough could improve global beef production

USDA-NIFA provides federal funding for four-year project