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Tiny but powerful: NSF-funded center will develop tech that can more rapidly identify nanocrystals to serve medicine and energy

Two A&M chemists will collaborate with colleagues from UT, IU and Temple

More than just hesitancy: Many factors—including war and economics—may suppress vaccination rates in children around the world, a new study suggests

Texas A&M researchers publish findings in the journal PLOS ONE
Mechanical Engineering

Just by tapping their toes, Parkinson’s patients can help their doctors evaluate their risk of falling down

New test works with lightweight, easy-to-install, self-powered insole that fits any kind of shoe

When deadly bacteria resist drugs, doctors turn to phage therapy

New study examines how treatment saved life of UC San Diego professor

Today’s shift work may increase stroke severity later on, study says

Research identifies adverse effects long after returning to a normal schedule

The thin smart line: Study answers riddle of how neocortex develops

A&M researchers publish their findings in the journal Cell Reports
Experimental Therapeutics

Trailblazing model could accelerate treatment for post-traumatic epilepsy

A&M researchers publish findings in the journal Experimental Neurology
Animal Models

Gulf War Illness: Exercise may improve symptoms, study says

Symptoms include lower cognitive function, memory issues, chronic pain and fatigue

Breaking out: How COVID-19 viruses overcome our immune systems

Researchers discover a suppressive gene that inhibits natural response