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Public Health

First-ever study asks: How do freestanding emergency departments compare with hospital units?

Almost 24% of emergency patients go to independent clinics
Artificial Intelligence

New crystallization simulator is first to combine well-established models with next generation of AI

ChatGPT could significantly cut costs from process of developing pharmaceuticals
Health Policy and Management

Insurance fails to improve outcomes for low-income patients, new study finds

Team led by dean of medicine publishes findings in JAMA Surgery

New method for detecting chronic GI disease in dogs

Chronic GI dysfunction, which affects approximately 2% of dogs requires a completely different clinical treatment approach

Researchers use quantum computing to predict gene relationships

In the future they plan to compare the healthy cells to ones with diseases or mutations

Inflammatory reactions and the autoimmune connection

Inflammatory disorders are characterized by an imbalance of immune cells and increased production of pro-inflammatory cytokines

Breakthroughs for epilepsy and prevention

Pharmacology researchers make breakthrough discoveries in using CBD to treat and prevent hard-to-treat forms of epilepsy.

Nano-size carbon material could be used to treat Down syndrome

Innovation can manage toxic levels of hydrogen sulfide that occur in this and many other disorders

How does Lyme disease wreak havoc on humans? Interdisciplinary team of Texas A&M scientists looks for answers

Researchers publish findings in the Journal of Immunology