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New mobile app would treat dementia in Chinese and Korean Americans

Project received two-year grant from Korean foundation
Mechanical Engineering

New model identifies and measures brain waves in real time, could improve human-machine interactions

Researchers discover that everyone’s ‘brain wave is like a fingerprint’
Mental Health

Does ‘brown noise’ relieve symptoms of ADHD? Neuroscientists examine claims popularized on social media

Sufferers can find relief with stimulant medication and cognitive behavior therapy, A&M professor says

Traumatic brain injury: Federal grant will support search for drug that targets long-term and short-term effects

Therapy could benefit more than 400,000 U.S. soldiers and veterans

Pioneering research seeks a connection between leakiness in the gut and cognitive impairment in stroke patients

A&M team publishes findings in the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity

Today’s shift work may increase stroke severity later on, study says

Research identifies adverse effects long after returning to a normal schedule
Experimental Therapeutics

Trailblazing model could accelerate treatment for post-traumatic epilepsy

A&M researchers publish findings in the journal Experimental Neurology
Experimental Therapeutics

New therapy may offer faster relief for cases of postpartum depression

Condition offers an unusually small window for treatment
Homeland Security

Lethal agents: Study examines options for emergency treatment

Answers could benefit pest control, agriculture and armed forces