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Today’s shift work may increase stroke severity later on, study says

Research identifies adverse effects long after returning to a normal schedule
Experimental Therapeutics

Trailblazing model could accelerate treatment for post-traumatic epilepsy

A&M researchers publish findings in the journal Experimental Neurology
Experimental Therapeutics

New therapy may offer faster relief for cases of postpartum depression

Condition offers an unusually small window for treatment
Homeland Security

Lethal agents: Study examines options for emergency treatment

Answers could benefit pest control, agriculture and armed forces
Experimental Therapeutics

Adding neurosteroids to medications may help treat refractory seizures

Researchers use isobolographic analysis to select combination with highest efficacy
Experimental Therapeutics

Treating epilepsy in women requires new approach, research suggests

Medications that work in male brains often fail in female brains, A&M scientist says
Animal Models

Fear as fun: Why do some people enjoy horror films, haunted houses?

Research explains why fear can be so entertaining
Aerospace Engineering

Virtual reality: Preparing workers for space, deserts or deep oceans

NSF-funded study aims to find a cost-effective approach to training for extreme environments
Liberal Arts

Save the spinal cord

A&M researchers are looking for ways to better protect the spinal cord following a traumatic injury