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Physicists play key role in milestone moment toward development of a nuclear clock

The countdown has started to develop of a new generation of timepieces capable of shattering records
Conservation Research

Detect and devalue: Nuclear engineers work on plan to thwart poaching of rhinoceros horns

Inserting safe levels of radioisotopes could make smuggling difficult

Heavy duty: $2.5 million effort will expand knowledge of nuclear matter’s basic ingredients, properties and processes

A&M-led project will bring together leading U.S. nuclear theorists to develop a framework
Homeland Security

Software can sort illicit materials from mixed nuclear samples, study says

Process can identify three attributes of the sample’s history for investigators

Standing up to the heat: New alloy shows promise for nuclear reactors

Researchers from A&M, Los Alamos and Hokkaido University are creating the next generation of high-performance ODS alloys

From hours to minutes: Process cuts time to purify cancer-therapy isotope

Method could increase world’s useable supply of astatine-211 for research and therapeutics

A&M joins consortium to develop multi-million-dollar research reactor

Project will build the nation’s first advanced reactor for the 21st century

Model will convert radiation data into values useful to epidemiologists

Results could have long-term impact for nuclear safety and epidemiology

Researching optical fiber-based gamma thermometers to promote safety and sustainability

The project is both an experimental and computational effort focused on the ability to measure power distributions in nuclear reactors.