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Improving livestock management efficiency using artificial intelligence and ‘smart’ technology

Project receives funding from a U.S. Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture grant.

Understanding the ‘hunger hormone’ may lead to novel obesity treatment

New study provides insights on role of ‘hunger hormone’ receptor in obesity-related chronic inflammation

Texas A&M AgriLife researcher receives $4 million grant to study feeding intolerance in preterm infants

A novel method developed by Chapkin Lab enables researchers to assess the intestinal physiology of a baby.
National Security

Creating food security would reduce emigration, crime and radicalization around the world, new economic report says

Farm Journal Foundation commissions study from Texas A&M’s Program on Conflict and Development
Biomedical Sciences

Tracking the links between genomics, nutrition and health may improve diagnostics and therapy for cancer and other diseases

NIH provides funding for multidisciplinary effort based in data science
Environmental and Occupational Health

Of food and mood: What you eat could affect who you are, study says

Researchers publish findings in journal Nutrients

Calorie counts: For some consumers, labels serve as invitations to indulge

Putting calorie counts on display for consumers can have unintended consequences, new study discovers

Childhood obesity: Engaging fathers to encourage healthier behaviors

A&M team publishes in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Liberal Arts

Café Connections: Research tailors programs to feed today’s seniors

Public Policy Research Institute works with professionals to improve nutrition and socialization programs