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Confocal microscope allows scientists to study near-3D images of tiny, living organisms in real time

College of Agriculture professor touts advantages over conventional technology
Computer Engineering

Brain-like machines will make smart grids smarter and self-driving cars safer—while saving energy and calculating at higher speeds

Texas A&M will lead Energy Frontier Research Center funded by the U.S. Department of Energy
Biomedical Engineering

Tattoo tech: Electricity can zip through this new 3D ink like it’s skin; up next … bioelectronic implants

A&M engineers publish findings in peer-reviewed journal ACS Nano

From truck to drone to doorstep: Better way to deliver COVID-19 kits?

Study finds approach could significantly reduce transmission during testing
Computer Engineering

Machine learning helps software keep up with complex chip designs

The National Science Foundation supports project with $1.2 million grant

Experience without consequences: Technology trains new A&M nurses

Colleges of architecture and nursing collaborate on virtual reality system

Online system helps veterinarians track outbreaks and symptoms

USDA provides funding to develop and launch website and app
Civil engineering

Shorter driving time, but greater risk? A&M engineers test navigation tools

New study examines factors such as design, lighting, traffic patterns, weather conditions and crash data

Drones and satellites could improve travel-time estimates at borders

TTI researchers demonstrate how tech can help at land ports of entry