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Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Facility will anchor Texas A&M Biocorridor

Gov. Perry, Chancellor Sharp and other officials take part in dedication ceremony

What to do with tons of seaweed from Gulf of Mexico? Bale it, spread it and maybe eat it, researchers say

Researchers at Texas A&M University at Galveston have found a use for the hundreds of tons of stinky seaweed that have washed up on Texas and Louisiana beaches along the Gulf of Mexico.  They have devised a way to bale the stuff like common hay and have even found a way to possibly make it…

Wheat and drought: Why are some cultivars more tolerant than others?

Three studies attempt to identify key traits of cultivars developed at Texas A&M

Think you know Malcolm X? Newfound texts may change that

Scholars analyze rare texts discovered at Cushing Library, including 74 note cards Alex Haley used to compose The Autobiography of Malcolm X
Biomedical Sciences

How does collagen create bone, skin, tendon and other connective tissues?

Biomedical engineer is using a computational model to examine complex collagen networks

To the bitter end: Why do some armies fight while others collapse?

Cohesion theory may provide answers, Bush School scholar says, and help America better assess its enemies.

Tiny sensor can detect radiation far faster than can existing technology

New device offers solutions for homeland security, medical imaging and mobile technology, researcher at Texas A&M-Galveston says

Treating patients as customers: A strategy for primary care practices

Mays researchers unveil a new framework in October issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings

Big government (done well) produces happier citizens, new study discovers

Researchers at Texas A&M, Baylor and Notre Dame studied 50,000 responses from 21 nations