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Vanishing grasslands: NSF-funded study will examine role of humans

New approaches to modeling will link social processes with biophysical processes

Groundwater safety: New test to help oil industry prevent chemical leaks

Research at Texas A&M-Qatar could result in wells that are more friendly to environment

E-government transparency: How well do websites serve citizens?

Larger cities in Texas earn highest scores; small communities post lowest scores

Experience with Chernobyl disaster guides research on radio-isotopes

Galveston professor investigates how organic materials respond to potentially toxic levels of radiation

Elephants can predict rainstorms days in advance, GPS data suggest

This insight could help conservationists to better protect endangered herds from poachers

Mobile app iCanFit is demonstrated to promote exercise in older adults

Researches design app to address common barriers, including low motivation, data tracking, social support and limited knowledge

New microscope is used to isolate chromosomes of key forest species

Forest industry in Texas values the loblolly pine for its abundance, rapid growth, pulpwood and lumber
Biomedical Sciences

New hope for disfiguring injuries: Foam can repair skulls, jaws, faces

Bioengineers at Texas A&M develop material that can fill gaps in damaged bone while promote bone growth

How do local elites influence voting in new democracies like Senegal?

Scholars from Bush School conduct two months of intensive fieldwork and research