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Atmospheric Sciences

Haze over China is a mix of weather, emissions and aerosols, study says

Of the 20 most polluted cities in the world, China is home to 16

Survey ranks teaching observatory third among colleges in the nation

Head of astronomy department gives credit to work of the observatory’s first and only manage

Performance anxiety: Helping nurses learn to cope with on-the-job stress

Researchers are studying the effects of music therapy, movement meditation and other approaches

How to save energy while producing a key component for most plastics

New method developed at Texas A&M separates propylene from propane with a more environmentally friendly process

Introducing the Reveille Russet: a wake-up call for the potato industry?

Named for Aggieland’s mascot, this new russet offers a high yield with a strong resistance to drought and hail

Engage the tractor beam, Scotty: Physicists move spheres with lasers

Research team at Texas A&M-Qatar is shifting particles up to 20 centimeters

Ancient DNA: Humans settled in Europe, East Asia 36,000 years ago

Neanderthal and modern human interbreeding occurred much earlier, new evidence suggests

Chronic disease: Older adults need more self-management programs

It is never too early or late to intervene for healthy aging, Texas A&M researcher says

Making chicken environmentally friendly – yet keeping it affordable

The challenge is to meet demand for ‘natural chicken’ while maintaining productivity