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High tech meets low tech: Team uses spray gun to apply nanoplatelets

Method could replace techniques that are complex and energy-intensive, researchers say

World’s water crisis: Supercharged iron could provide practical solution

Chemist investigates use of environmentally friendly compound as a water-treatment disinfectant

E.coli in leafy greens: Study identifies factors that can raise and lower risks

Strongest influences are farm management practices and environmental factors, such as location and weather
Psychological and Brain Sciences

Who places blame for reckless acts? Often it’s Lady Luck, not Lady Justice

Research team in Department of Psychology takes a scientific look at ‘moral luck’

Are Stradivari inferior to new violins? Biochemist challenges recent study

Professor emeritus believes classic violins used in Paris test must have been in poor condition
Atmospheric Sciences

Booming economies in Asia are affecting world’s weather patterns

New study concludes that manmade aerosols are creating stronger storms

Messy diapers help nutritionists understand how babies grow healthy

Samples allow researchers to generate a molecular ‘fingerprint’ to determine how infants are developing
Public Health

Trouble sleeping? Could be that cup of coffee you drank … six hours ago

Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine researcher studies how diet can affect circadian rhythms and sleep cycles

Money well-spent: Buoy system deployed in Gulf of Mexico returns value after Galveston oil spill

After 20 years, TABS remains the only buoy system of its kind in the United States and among the few in the world.