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Life Sciences


Now available on campus: Microscopy tech that can create images of large and small molecules for scientists and engineers

A&M plans open house and symposium for new cryo-EM facility on Dec. 3
Biomedical Sciences

Insects are unlikely to spread coronavirus, new A&M study says

CDC-funded research answers concern about virus transmission

Balancing act: Ongoing research aims to protect both bats and people

Survey identifies abandoned structures that provide seasonal habitats

Most Americans took risks with travel or leisure before vaccinations began

The most common risky activity? Visiting family or friends, new A&M survey finds

Disarming bacteria? Phages may offer gentler remedies for infections

Unlike traditional phage therapy, this new approach will avoid releasing toxins in the body, A&M researchers say

‘Notoriously difficult’: Researchers study function of amino-acid radicals

Results could have implications from cancer drugs to solar energy
Animal Models

A&M-UTMB team identifies potential drug to treat SARS-CoV-2

In a newly published study, researchers call for clinical trials on an FDA-approved heart medication

New class of antibiotics? Study says ‘hidden’ genes could provide the key

Membrane-localized phage proteins may also help revitalize and enhance existing antibiotics

Self-deleting genes allow scientists to test methods for mosquito control

Project receives $3.9 million in funding from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases