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National Security

National Security

Creating food security would reduce emigration, crime and radicalization around the world, new economic report says

Farm Journal Foundation commissions study from Texas A&M’s Program on Conflict and Development
National Security

Secretary of the U.S. Army will provide keynote at DARPA Forward

Registration for the regional conference at Texas A&M ends in early November; no walk-ins will be admitted
National Security

DARPA Forward at Texas A&M: Registration ends on Nov. 4 to attend in-person; regional conference will accept no walk-ins

Organizers also reserve the right to close registration early if DARPA Forward reaches its capacity
National Security

Accelerating Innovation and Transition with DARPA: Registration opens for half-day November workshop at Texas A&M

Event will precede DARPA regional conference
Mechanical Engineering

Military issue: Nanocoatings offer protection from fire, ultraviolet light

Water-based, nontoxic solution can add properties without altering the structure of common textiles
Homeland Security

How custom of brideprice creates more recruits for terrorist groups

About 75 percent of the world’s population lives in regions where practice is prevalent, researchers say
Homeland Security

Scientists are studying online video to understand chemical weapons

Researchers examine images from chemical incidents in Syria, Japan and India to expand their knowledge of specific signs and symptoms

DTRA funds five-year study to find countermeasures to chemical WMDs

Research will take place in a new ultra-high-speed optical diagnostics and imaging facility at Texas A&M, funded by the Research Development Fund.
Biomedical Sciences

Work in progress: A licensed vaccine to protect U.S. troops from Q-fever

Research attracts $4.8 million in funding from Department of Defense