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Soil and Crop Sciences

Environmental Engineering

Heat vs. H2O: Federal grant allows A&M researchers to study how wildfires can alter national supply of drinking water

Runoff of pyrogenic organic matter can harm quality of pristine water sources
Soil and Crop Sciences

Wanted: A breed of hemp plants that can thrive despite Texas heat and drought while staying within the law

USDA funds project to establish a diverse and public collection of germplasms
Biological and Agricultural Engineering

New project seeks ‘equitable adaptation’ of urban stormwater infrastructure, management

National Science Foundation award includes Texas A&M AgriLife entities, University of North Texas

Hagler Institute announces its largest class of new fellows: 14

Class of 2022-23 includes a Nobel Prize recipient and multiple National Academies-level scholars, plus a distinguished lecturer

Cotton produces odors that attract pests; tweaking the plant’s genes could protect crops and improve yields

USDA and Cotton Board provide financial support for A&M project
Soil and Crop Sciences

Rust never sleeps: New approach can predict outbreaks of corn disease

AgriLife team publishes findings in Scientific Reports

Tough enough: Newest turfgrass thrives in drought, cold or shade

AgriLife Research brings St. Augustine hybrid to market under Cobalt brand

Balancing act: Bioenergy sorghum shifts carbon dioxide from air to soil

A&M researchers publish study results in GCB Bioenergy

Weed them and reap: Taking aim at cotton’s herbicide-resistant nemesis

Field study looks at a multi-tactic approach to control Palmer amaranth