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Storms form early in Gulf of Mexico, gain speed and power closer to land

Residents of the Texas coast should keep in mind: June is still hurricane season, a marine scientist says

Can a ‘green wall’ survive in Texas? Looking for right plants, right design

The search is proving to be more challenging than landscape architects anticipated when they started their research at Texas A&M in 2012

The fruit fly’s guide to courtship: How the ‘bad boys’ beat the competition

What makes a male fruit fly successful with females? It’s a matter of experience, new research at Texas A&M suggests

Results of AgriLife trials could boost wheat as a statewide crop for Texas

Photo: AgriLife Today Researchers at Texas A&M AgriLife are hoping to grow greater interest in having agricultural producers plant wheat in some of the more “non-traditional” areas of the state for that particular crop. While wheat is the biggest field crop in Texas in terms of acreage — estimated at about 6 million acres annually…

12th Man of human health: Tapping into the secrets of our microbiota

Researchers at Texas A&M are studying the compounds produced by gut bacteria to develop new therapeutic compounds

Developing a ‘cow hutch’ to protect dairy herds from hot Texas summers

The goal of this research at Texas A&M is to develop an inexpensive shelter that will cool cows and calves, improve their well-being and increase production of milk

High-fat diet disrupts ‘body clock,’ leading to obesity and diabetes

Interdisciplinary researchers at Texas A&M publish their findings in the Journal of Biological Chemistry

One clingfish, two clingfish: A new species, plus a second with venom

“New groups of venomous fishes are not discovered very often,” researcher at Texas A&M says

Compact and stable, AmbiCycle can evacuate patients from at-risk areas

Research at Texas A&M is producing a vehicle can safely transport the injured through storm-damaged regions and heavy traffic, co-inventor says