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What happens when stick insects must adapt to a new host plant?

Researchers at Texas A&M challenge T. critinae — and receive some unexpected answers about natural selection

Software provides researchers with more accurate view of Earth’s interior

Funding by the National Science Foundation and developed at Texas A&M, ASPECt helps scientists to describe how material flows in the Earth’s mantle

Consumers often need ‘partners in crime’ before yielding to temptations

Understanding “parallel self-control” can help marketers better understand and connect to consumers, says researcher at Texas A&M

Core samples demonstrate shifts in Earth’s climate over six million years

Samples also provide evidence of a deep-earth tectonic pulse near Gibraltar, researcher at Texas A&M says

Dietary additives could help protect young quarter horses from arthritis

Early intervention during early growth and training is the key, new research at Texas A&M indicates

Patients with chronic diseases need strong relationships with providers

New research at Texas A&M suggests the keys are mutual respect and collaborative decision-making

Got a rock and roll heart? Musicians get plenty of exercise during live gigs

Heart rates can reach 85 percent of maximum during performances, new research at Texas A&M shows

Saving coral reefs in Red Sea: Team studies effects of population growth

Researchers from Texas A&M are collaborating with faculty at Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Reaction to kidnapping of 300 girls may have caught militants off-guard

Boko Haram were ‘startled that anyone outside Nigeria cared about these girls,’ says a noted authority on gender issues and foreign policy