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Results of AgriLife trials could boost wheat as a statewide crop for Texas

Photo: AgriLife Today Researchers at Texas A&M AgriLife are hoping to grow greater interest in having agricultural producers plant wheat in some of the more “non-traditional” areas of the state for that particular crop. While wheat is the biggest field crop in Texas in terms of acreage — estimated at about 6 million acres annually…

12th Man of human health: Tapping into the secrets of our microbiota

Researchers at Texas A&M are studying the compounds produced by gut bacteria to develop new therapeutic compounds

Developing a ‘cow hutch’ to protect dairy herds from hot Texas summers

The goal of this research at Texas A&M is to develop an inexpensive shelter that will cool cows and calves, improve their well-being and increase production of milk

High-fat diet disrupts ‘body clock,’ leading to obesity and diabetes

Interdisciplinary researchers at Texas A&M publish their findings in the Journal of Biological Chemistry

One clingfish, two clingfish: A new species, plus a second with venom

“New groups of venomous fishes are not discovered very often,” researcher at Texas A&M says

Compact and stable, AmbiCycle can evacuate patients from at-risk areas

Research at Texas A&M is producing a vehicle can safely transport the injured through storm-damaged regions and heavy traffic, co-inventor says

When architecture meets health care: Designing better ICUs for pediatrics

“Design for Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care” includes essays from prominent voices in health care design

If you want to save on airline tickets, purchase your flight on a weekend

Airlines are more likely to discount fares on Saturday and Sunday, researchers say

Methane remained in Gulf of Mexico for months after BP accident, study says

Ocean microbes proved unable to consume gas as quickly or as efficiently as scientists predicted