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Ocean exploration program to open next chapter with renewed funding

New five-year agreement provides as much as $250 million from the National Science Foundation, $87.5 million from partners

Inhaled drug PUL-042 could thwart bio-attacks and mitigate pandemics

Therapy offers intense, short-term protection for the lungs from wide range of pathogens that cause infectious diseases

Coffee from Yemen: Project intends to build reputation for high quality

Researchers use near infrared spectroscopy to study coffee samples

Could Google Glass change how construction sites are managed?

Associate professor of construction science is planning to find out with series of research projects

‘The Housing Bomb’: How bigger and better can destroy an environment

Research examines well-meaning but often misguided exploitation of natural resources

For peanuts: 1st genome sequence could enhance production in Texas

Texas A&M AgriLife Research team collaborates with scientists in U.S., China, Brazil, India and Israel

Why is the Amazon losing its fish? Measuring deforestation’s impact

Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences researchers are studying the situation in Brazil

High tech meets low tech: Team uses spray gun to apply nanoplatelets

Method could replace techniques that are complex and energy-intensive, researchers say

World’s water crisis: Supercharged iron could provide practical solution

Chemist investigates use of environmentally friendly compound as a water-treatment disinfectant