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‘Magic range’ for animal propulsion appears to be 30 to 60 degrees

Finding from NSF-funded study could lead to improvements in human engineering

Genetics and exercise: Can we improve health from the inside out?

With the genes of hunter-gatherers, people should focus on becoming active daily

What’s in your food? Imports bring quality into question, expert says

Almost a quarter of the average American’s food consumption is imported, TIAS Faculty Fellow says
Biomedical Sciences

Biomarker will improve accuracy of prognoses for cancer patients

Findings could leaned to advances in anti-cancer drugs and cancer prevention

Efficient cow-calf farming leads to lower carbon emissions, study says

Paper provides first study on relationship between cow-calf farm efficiency and environmental consequences

Who are the most romantic singers in the animal kingdom? Male bats

One-tenth of a second: That’s how long a male bat has to get a female’s attention

Climate change: Economists examine steps for managing threats

Dealing with climate change will require smarter use of energy

The adjusted GPA: Statistician offers possible cure for grade inflation

Recent national analysis says 43 percent of all letter grades awarded in 2008 were A’s, up from 16 percent in 1960.

Mysterious pest threatens Texas’ billion-dollar grain sorghum crop

10 pesticides undergo testing for ability to manage sugarcane aphids