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Atmospheric Sciences

Ozone, aerosols more culpable for climate change than carbon dioxide

NASA-funded study could resolve scientific dispute over estimates of climate sensitivity

New device detects extremely low levels of contamination in water

Technology is also affordable, easy to use, and will deliver analysis quickly

Early baseball: No strikes, few rules and you could hit in any direction

Texas A&M historian spent six years researching and writing SABR Award-winning book

Nine years on Mars: Exploring the Red Planet with rover Opportunity

Researcher who operated rovers’ cameras has published his findings in planetary science journal Icarus

What allows a popular variety of wheat to resist a destructive pest?

New gene map could reduce losses to mite-transmitted viral diseases throughout the western Great Plains

Revolutionary membrane will reduce costs of refining oil and natural gas

College of Engineering researchers publish their findings and file for a patent

Ocean exploration program to open next chapter with renewed funding

New five-year agreement provides as much as $250 million from the National Science Foundation, $87.5 million from partners

Inhaled drug PUL-042 could thwart bio-attacks and mitigate pandemics

Therapy offers intense, short-term protection for the lungs from wide range of pathogens that cause infectious diseases

Coffee from Yemen: Project intends to build reputation for high quality

Researchers use near infrared spectroscopy to study coffee samples