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Scholar works with citizens to tailor reforms for post-revolutionary Egypt

Associate professor Sahar Aziz applies her U.S. research to her work in the Middle East

What is causing Texas’ water shortage? Study reveals factors beyond irrigation, population

The good news is the decline in water levels appears to be tapering off, a Texas A&M AgriLife researcher says

Mapping the inner ear: Innovation uses sound to generate 3-D images

“We’re finding out new things about the mechanics of the inner ear that have not been known,” Texas A&M bioengineer says

Twice the mass of Earth, new planet orbits one star in a two-star system

Newfound system defies predictions and will give “the theorists something to think about,” researcher at Texas A&M says

Texting while driving: Restrictions result in saving lives, new study says

State laws are reducing traffic fatalities by 3 percent, researchers at Texas A&M find

Dental implants: New technique helps patients with fragile jawbones

Researcher at Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry combines two available products to create an alternative to multiple surgeries

Water-borne parasites: Improving detection and treatment in canines

Research has implications for One Health, veterinary pathobiologists at Texas A&M say

How to put proteins into cells without harming them? Use a ‘Trojan horse’

Among the first applications could be regenerative medicine, researchers at Texas A&M AgriLife say

Parkinson’s disease: Method will help clinicians to estimate age of onset

Approach quickly predicts valid ages-of-onset for different ages simultaneously