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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

New project seeks ‘equitable adaptation’ of urban stormwater infrastructure, management

National Science Foundation award includes Texas A&M AgriLife entities, University of North Texas
Environmental and Occupational Health

Frequent exposure to disasters leads to lower scores for mental health

A&M team publishes study in the journal Natural Hazards

Earth’s shrinking cryosphere: Team makes first-ever global assessment

The planet’s cover of snow and ice cover is receding by 33,000 square miles per year, study says
Civil engineering

‘No veteran ever dies’: Digital map will preserve and share legacies

Interdisciplinary team will develop GIS-based applications to memorialize veterans at three national cemeteries

Nations must protect their peatlands to slow climate change, study says

Carbon balance could shift from sink to source during this century, scientists believe

AAAS names seven A&M System faculty members as 2020 Fellows

The American Association for the Advancement of Science will induct 489 scientists, engineers and innovators in February 2021

Water-insecure households are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19

Inadequate water access increases the risk for COVID-19 in many ways beyond limiting hand washing

River ice has declined globally over last three decades, new study says

Findings are based on examination of more than 400,000 satellite images

Casualties from tornados: Why do rates vary from region to region?

New research suggests there are important factors beyond mobile-home parks and low-income communities