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Homeland Security


Capturing flood data in real time: Proposed system would use artificial intelligence to analyze uploads of crowdsourced images

New approach would view stop signs as standard units of measurement
Homeland Security

Disaster detectives: Engineers collect storm-damage data before crews start clearing away path of destruction

NSF-funded project investigates Hurricane Ian’s effects along Florida’s coastline
Homeland Security

Natural defenses: Ecosystems can inspire ideas for protecting power grids from disaster or attack

Interdisciplinary team publishes findings in the journal IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
Homeland Security

18 U.S. labs join forces to battle infectious diseases

Workshop at Texas A&M gathers leading experts from research universities and federal agencies
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Data from extreme weather could improve power grid’s reliability

A&M engineer takes novel approach to studying heat and cold in Texas
Homeland Security

Software can sort illicit materials from mixed nuclear samples, study says

Process can identify three attributes of the sample’s history for investigators

How do communities respond to frequent, recurring natural disasters?

Doctoral candidate studies the implications of hurricanes and other catastrophes
Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Systems of plants and soil can relieve flooding in cities, new report says

GIS data mapping and digital modeling reveal effectiveness of AgriLife’s approach

State of safety: Quakes are common in west Texas, but rarely destructive

Geoscientists note an uptick in seismic activity in the state’s oil country