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Farming the cosmos: NASA-funded study investigates effects of space radiation on plants during interplanetary travel

Texas A&M-led team will focus on oxidation status, telomere length dynamics and genome stability

Confocal microscope allows scientists to study near-3D images of tiny, living organisms in real time

College of Agriculture professor touts advantages over conventional technology

War of the roses: How to save an industry with plants that resist two common-but-devastating diseases

Rose rosette disease hampers U.S. production; black spot disease damages field-grown roses globally
Soil and Crop Sciences

Rust never sleeps: New approach can predict outbreaks of corn disease

AgriLife team publishes findings in Scientific Reports
Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Systems of plants and soil can relieve flooding in cities, new report says

GIS data mapping and digital modeling reveal effectiveness of AgriLife’s approach

Think green: Artificial intelligence evaluates algae as energy source

Method could provide alternative fuel source for jet aircraft

Tough enough: Newest turfgrass thrives in drought, cold or shade

AgriLife Research brings St. Augustine hybrid to market under Cobalt brand

Weed them and reap: Taking aim at cotton’s herbicide-resistant nemesis

Field study looks at a multi-tactic approach to control Palmer amaranth

Resisting pests: Modern corn gets boost from ancestor’s microbes

Multidisciplinary team aims to create an insect-control method that is also environmentally friendly